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Vanity Press: March 2024

this is me trying

Vanity Press: February 2024

Broke off a piece of your terrible secret

Ovunque Siamo: February 2024

Three poems

Ghost City Review: January 2024


Fevers Of The Mind: September 2023

Five poems 

Hobo Camp Review: May 2023

shade our eyes to veil the pain

The Aurora Journal: March 2022
She's out back counting stars


Work to a calm: March 2022
Three poems


Olney Magazine: January 2022


Edison Literary Review: Fall 2021


Wickerpedia: August 2021
This is a low-flying panic attack


Vulnerary Magazine: August 2021
Cadence, A perfect and necessary darkness


Chantarelle's Notebook: December 2020

All the pretty lights (flash fiction)

Pink Plastic House: Fireplace: August 2020

This swell and ache inside of me will die with me

Crepe & Penn: Issue #4: October 2019

Five poems


Dark Marrow: Issue #3: July 2019

Blister, How to disappear


Pink Plastic House: Window: May 2019

Run Away With Me


Dark Marrow: Issue #2: March 2019

Three poems


Kissing Dynamite: January 2019

How to slip away from the body


First Literary Review-East: November 2018

Walk with me through the boneyard


Constellate Literary Journal: October 2018

We speak of touch as if it has another meaning


Paper Trains Literary Journal: October 2018

Dusty Trails, Bratty B


The Sonnetarium: October 2018

I am an abandoned radio station + an interview with Kristin Garth


First Literary Review-East: September 2018

I’ve never been able to put you into words that satisfy me


Thick With Conviction: June 2018

Like Salvation, Come bail me out of this god forsaken precipice


Anti-Heroin Chic: May 2018

Simple Math


Philosophical Idiot: May 2018

Some Days I Want to Sit in My Sadness Like a Parked Car


Work To A Calm: March 2018

Most days, I am a museum of things I want to forget, I wanted our truth to warm me


Better Than Starbucks: January 2018

There are people that feel like explosions


Blue Mountain Review: December 2017

My body is a ghost town, This town is a black hole


Ovunque Siamo: November 2017
A Purpose, After the clearing

Scarlet Leaf Review: September 2017

Us, as verse, It's shocking like your tongue, My fingers were matches, Omens, Seeking distraction


Philosophical Idiot: August 2017
I hope I never have a daughter

Edison Literary Review: Fall 2016
The Last Day of Our Acquaintance

Yellow Chair Review: September 2016
Soap, Oh, Jupiter, What We Have(To Change)

In Between Hangovers: July 2016
Leave A Trace

In Between Hangovers: June 2016
I've come around this time to set fire to your bones

In Between Hangovers: June 2016
Welcome to the armpit of America

Your One Phone Call: April 2016
I am breaking my bones to fit into places

Work to a calm: February 2016
Four poems

Hobo Camp Review: September 2015

Thick With Conviction: March 2015
For the girl with the Golden State in her eyes, The monster of Riverside

Melancholy Hyperbole: September 2014
Losing CheyenneTourniquet

Drown In My Own Fears: May 2014
Adalynn decides it's time to go

First Literary Review-East: May 2014
The Only Sister

Poem Your Heart Out: Volume One: April 2014: 
Less Than 120 Minutes of Alternative

CSHS: March 2014
The perfect way to drown

First Literary Review-East: March 2014
You need the darkness if you want to see stars

Rose Red Review: April 2013
Ghost technology

Work to a calm: March 2013
What is left behind, Harbor, The poem I trashed

X and Friends (Featured poet: Amber Decker): October 2012

Up The Staircase: July 2012
Tuesday night, she was in my dreams

Bacon Today: July 2012
The problem with bacon

Downer Magazine: July 2012
In Dan Wheldon's living room

Thick With Conviction: June 2012
Cross Country, Something of your own, Without touching

Scythe: January 2012

Bare Hands Poetry: January 2012
She lost a hand to carpal tunnel, Observations and reflections on a father

Work to a calm: January 2012
Without touching, Firework

Drown In My Own Fears: June 2011
The infinite definitions for darkness

Decompression: Winter 2010
Birdcage, This Happy Ever After

Scythe: Summer 2010
Why I Wasn't There For Your Mother's Wake, Watching Alicia, Our Mutual Acquaintances

Edison Literary Review: Summer 2010
Granny On The Wi-fi

Up and Under: the QND Review: Spring 2010

Decompression: Fall 2009
Rebirth, Little J

Up and Under: the QND Review: Spring 2009
Talking about life with Lindsay Lohan over raspberry mochas

Gold Wake Press: October 2008
Turnpike North (mini-chapbook)

Drown In My Own Fears: December 2008

Thick With Conviction: July 2008
The Girl Who Almost Got Me Left Back, A Bright Kind of Gray

Zygote In My Coffee: April 2008
How To Skin A Spouse

Eight Octaves Review: February 2008
Down To The Last Crumb

Drown In My Own Fears: September 2007
Slanted Walls

Silent Actor: September 2007
Sorry Cubed, A Plea

Up and Under: the QND Review: Spring 2007
Garden State

Flutter: March 2007
Isabel, Number One Fan

Thick With Conviction: September 2006
Awkward Moment #1, Coming For You

Up and Under: the QND Review: Spring 2006
She Takes Me Through Rockland County Again

Sunken Lines: November 2005
Breathing and Gesturing, Blood Boil, Coming For You

The Barefoot Muse: November 2005
Sestina For An Ending

Inferno: October 2005

Baby Clam Press: September 2005
Politics In Marriage, A Last Embrace

Prose Toad: June 2005
The Perfect Stolen Girl, The Many Uses for Newspaper

Up and Under: the QND Review: Spring 2005

Edison Literary Review: Fall 2004

Venue (Rowan College Publication)

Splat! Fanzine



all of this bruising, Maverick Duck Press, 2024

the shallows, Maverick Duck Press, July 2022

the forced hush of quiet, Maverick Duck Press, September 2019

The Roads Don't Love You, Maverick Duck Press, August 2018




all the things that will be lost, Maverick Duck Press, 2023

how does it end?, Maverick Duck Press, 2023

Still, Maverick Duck Press, 2023

welcome, goodbye, Maverick Duck Press, 2022

Currents, Rusty McRustbelt Face Press, 2022

bloodstream, Maverick Duck Press, 2021

woodvale, Maverick Duck Press, 2021

the frail spine of us, Maverick Duck Press, 2020

A Tear In The Dimension, Maverick Duck Press, 2020

The Darkwater Horizon, Maverick Duck Press, 2019

Chasing The Skyline, Maverick Duck Press, 2018

Until The Light, Maverick Duck Press, 2018

Happiness Is A Death Blow (Split chapbook with Charles Joseph), Indigent Press, 2017

We Are All Ghosts, Maverick Duck Press, 2017

Dollhouse, Maverick Duck Press, 2017

Trust Fall, Maverick Duck Press, 2016

Into The Undertow, Indigent Press, 2016

How To Disappear, Maverick Duck Press, 2015

Siberia, Maverick Duck Press, 2014

Be Mine, Maverick Duck Press, 2014

Blair's Echo, Maverick Duck Press, 2013

The Sound of Cracking Bones, Maverick Duck Press, 2013

Paper cuts and iodine, Maverick Duck Press, 2012
The Forgotten, Maverick Duck Press, 2009
14 Ways to Die, Maverick Duck Press, 2007
The Mathematics of Frustration and Loss, Maverick Duck Press, 2006
Preservation, Maverick Duck Press, 2005
Bleeding Out, Powerscore Press, 2004
Destroyed, Powerscore Press, 2003
Descending, Powerscore Press, 2002
Blast, Powerscore Press, 2001
Before I Die, Powerscore Press, 2000
Flailing, Powerscore Press, 1998
Short Leash, Powerscore Press, 1997





Turnpike North (Second Edition), Maverick Duck Press, 2020

Turnpike North, Gold Wake Press, 2008




Poem Your Heart Out: Volume One, Words Dance Publications, 2014

The Best of The Barefoot Muse, Barefoot Muse Press, 2011

Still Quick, Always Dirty, a QND Chapbook, 2012

3 Verse, a QND Chapbook, 2006

Quick Meals and Dirty Dishes, a QND Chapbook, 2004
Fast and Filthy, a QND Chapbook, 2003



Charles Joseph - Chameleon (for Five2One Magazine)

Sara Khayat - Unspeakable Poems (for Five2One Magazine)

Caitlyn Siehl - Crybaby (for Five2One Magazine)

Schuyler Peck - A Field Of Blooming Bruises (for Five2One Magazine)

Raina Masters - Cautionary Tales (for Five2One Magazine)

Sierra DeMulder - Today Means Amen (for Five2One Magazine)





Camille Peruto - From The Sea To The Sky (for Five2One Magazine)

Lucius - Good Grief (for Five2One Magazine)

Breanne Duren - Gem (for Five2One Magazine)




Nominated: Best of the Net, 2018:

Most days, I am a museum of things I want to forget (by Work to a calm)


Nominated: Best of the Net, 2015:

For the girl with the Golden State in her eyes, The monster of Riverside (by Thick With Conviction)


Juried Poetry Contest for the Medford Cultural Arts Commission, 2014:

Honorable Mention: Tourniquet


Nominated: Best of the Net, 2013:

That poem I trashed (by Work to a calm)

Juried Poetry Contest for the Medford Cultural Arts Commission, 2012:

First Place: Winterlong

Third Place: Tuesday night she was in my dreams

Honorable Mention: A wreck cannot take everything


Nominated: Best of the Net, 2012:

Something Of Your Own (by Thick With Conviction)


Nominated: Best of the Net, 2011:

The infinite definitions for darkness (by Drown In My Own Fears)

Nominated: Best of the Net, 2009:

Molten (by Drown In My Own Fears)

Nominated: Best of the Net, 2007:

Awkward Moment #1 (by Thick With Conviction)



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